Study: French dogs helped them overcome confinement

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According to a recent study on the impact of confinement on the pace of life of dogs and their owners, 95% of French people surveyed believe that their 4-legged companions have been of great psychological support to them during this period. hard.

Deconfinement began on Monday, May 11 in France, where the Covid-19 pandemic has affected more than 141,000 people and caused more than 27,000 deaths to date, with however nearly 59,000 healings.

It marks the end of an unusual and difficult period, that of confinement . It has impacted many aspects of daily life, including the lifestyle of dogs and their owners . But to what extent ? A study conducted by the Dogsplanet site looked into this.

It was carried out over 8 days during confinement, thus making it possible to collect 1248 responses covering 4 aspects: daily outings , food , dog behavior and the health benefits of the master, and finally online orders. of dog products.

Moral support and daily outings: a beneficial psychological and physical presence

This work has made it possible to obtain several very interesting lessons , the main one being that 95% of French people say that the presence of their dog has helped them overcome these 2 months of isolation .

In addition, she confirmed that dogs give their owners a good opportunity to leave their homes , if only for a few minutes. 64% indicate that their walks lasted more than a quarter of an hour and 44% made more than 3 daily outings with their 4-legged companions during confinement.

Confinement, a source of stress for a significant number of dogs

Regarding the effect of the latter on the well-being of the dog, the study reveals that for 25% of those questioned, their pets, stressed at the start of confinement, got used to it afterwards. In addition, 7% responded that their dogs are still stressed .

These figures reflect the extent of the work to be done with many canines to allow them to find a certain calm , but also to help them in the delicate transition to a return to normalcy . Specialists in canine behavior and psychology have, in fact, warned against the impact on dogs of returning to the classic rhythm of life, with in particular long working days and therefore the absence of the master .

Online orders: a slight increase, but no real boom

One might have expected an explosion in online dog product orders, but it likely did not happen . Even if a slight increase was noted.

Thus, more than half (51%) of French people say they were already buying products for their dogs on the Internet before confinement. Of the remaining 49%, only 11% have started doing so .

Dog food during confinement: no change for a majority of French people

Finally, in the food chapter, 72% of people questioned said they had not changed their diet to their four-legged friends. Among the 18% who made a change, some turned to homemade meals (12%).

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In addition, 71% of French people say they have changed their dog’s diet while remaining in the same category . In other words, they did not move from premium products to mid-range, for example.


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