20 dogs who are great hiking partners

When hiking, dogs are as happy to participate as they are essential for having a good time. As these photos show.

Dogs love to go out, participate in activities and exercise. Whether in the garden, in the park or on a hike, they will always be up for it and full of enthusiasm. Different areas of interest will present themselves to them during the hikes, which will put everyone in a good mood.

Here are 20 photos of dogs enjoying their hike to the fullest.

1. This Hungarian Pointer is efficient at collecting wood which will be used to make fire.

2. An Australian Shepherd who roams freely

3. They take advantage of the last moments of the day before sunset

4. The tent is set up and the dog is ready for a pleasant evening around a campfire.

5. Clean air and wide open spaces make it feel good

6. All this poor English Bulldog asks is to sleep

7. Hiking is what he loves most in the world

8. So happy to be able to run and jump that he’s ready to take to the skies.

9. His enthusiasm is undeniable. He just waits for the green light from his master to start playing

10. A brave Landseer who shines

11. These 2 friends play catch the stick that their master throws at them.

12. A very nice souvenir photo of a family trip

13. A Border Collie happy to go on an adventure

14. Even during winter, hiking is still an activity to do with your dog.

15. A beautiful trio taking a dip in the lake and posing

16. The beautiful encounters that dogs make during hikes

17. He loved running in the wheat field

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18. He is so happy that he smiles, squinting his eyes.

19. Playing ball is even more fun in the forest

20. The more the merrier, the more we laugh


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