A future mother films the touching moment when her dog expresses curiosity for the baby and her joy to welcome him

A female dog named Symphony recently showed her owner that she can’t wait to meet the new family member. The video, posted on TikTok on August 27, touched thousands of hearts.

Symphony continued to explore the woman’s belly with its muzzle. Then, she climbed on top of her and offered her some tender kisses. For the mother, there is no doubt that her nice 4-legged companion has indicated that she is ready to welcome her.

Make a smooth first contact

Once this first bond established, the father returned to the room with the infant. The dog barely managed to contain her joy when she saw the tiny pink creature installed in the baby carrier. She pricked up her ears, wagged her tail, and walked around the seat.

At first glance, this smooth meeting started off well. Dayna Renee Sauble was particularly moved when her partner said her daughter’s first name, and at the same time Symphony stared at her, Daily Paws reports.


the bonding has begun ???? #bordercollie #newbaby #momsoftiktok #newborn #cutenessoverload #foryou #fyp

? original sound – Dayna Renee Sauble

The birth of a new friendship

Throughout the video, the canine did not stop being curious towards the newcomer. The couple warmly congratulated him on his very gentle demeanor. “ Symphony is my baby and this meeting was so important to me, ” said the mother.

She and her companion had been seriously educating themselves on the best way to present a dog to a newborn baby. By first exposing it to the smell of the infant, the animal made an association during the face to face. There is no doubt that a beautiful friendship between Symphony and Parker is being born.

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Reply to @nanna_b_bell She definitely feels it’s her job to make sure she’s ok and we love it. ???? #bordercollie #newbaby #foryou #newborn

? original sound – Dayna Renee Sauble


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