Stop his dog from licking other people’s faces

Illustration : "Empêcher son chien de lécher le visage des gens"

when a dog licks your face, this is its way to show you love or obedience. However, in some cases, this behavior may become embarrassing and need to be corrected. How to do this


is a kind of reflection obtained from the puppy when he was very young. It is used to convey the emotional reflection and the attitude of the dog to correct this behavior.

we all know that dogs tend to lick our faces to express their love. These licks, in a way, are the dog version of what we kiss. Therefore, the dog’s behavior is out of very good intentions, but many of us may dislike it for legitimate reasons, especially health-related reasons.


licking their faces is also embarrassing for guests and visitors. Therefore, we should first understand the origin and motivation of dog behavior, and then choose the right attitude towards the dog to end this behavior.

is a reflection obtained from the puppy

when he was very young The act of licking another person is part of a series of actions acquired by a puppy at birth. He learned this early from his mother, who licked him to clean him, as did other children. Therefore, the bitch licks her offspring to express her love.

later, the puppies instinctively began to lick their mother’s babies to let her know that they are hungry.

licks to convey

for dogs, licking is not just a cleaning action. When it faces others, it becomes a means of communication and social interaction. Among other things, it can tell the “interlocutor” that a person has good intentions towards him.


licking can be used as a sign of obedience to peer hierarchy. This is therefore a manifestation of appeasement aimed at preventing any form of tension by accepting subordinates. It usually happens when two dogs meet for the first time.

if the two dogs already know and like each other, licking can be interpreted as an emotional behavior. Similarly, dogs do the same thing to people around them.

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, which may also be a help when he feels that his master is not good. For example, dogs can feel our emotions and are particularly sensitive to our stress state. If so, they will start licking us to comfort us.

is on the dog, and licking the owner is also his way to seek the owner’s attention.

concluded, Dogs lick their own species or humans for various reasons. All this is out of friendly intentions, but sometimes it is necessary to stop this behavior so as not to cause embarrassment. When the owner comes home, licking is very common. The dog is very excited to find him and lick his face to express his love. You can use this moment to complete the following exercises to correct this “mistake”. Kdspe after you go home, your attitude towards the dog to correct this

behavior. Please remember that your dog will be very happy only when you come back. You don’t have


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. You can answer in language, but not through physical contact. Let him calm down first. To do this, indulge in your usual home ceremony (hang up your clothes, put down your things, etc.) and order your dog to sit. Once he has finished, congratulate him warmly, but be calm. Touching him is just as calm, but stop when he tries to lick your face. Stand up immediately and tell him to sit down. Repeat as many times as necessary.

over time, the dog will gradually understand that if he wants to be blessed and touched, he won’t have to lick your face.

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