Abandoned under a highway, these two poodles no longer believed in Man

A dog and his sister had taken refuge in the bottom of the sewers under a highway. Terrified of humans, they wouldn’t let anyone approach them, making their rescue particularly complicated. Volunteers nevertheless took up the challenge.

On a hot summer day, Eldad Hagar , founder of the Californian association Hope for Paws , learned that 2 dogs lived under a freeway in Los Angeles . He then went there with another volunteer, Vanessa Enriquez , and saw the Poodles in question, brother and sister, hidden at the bottom of the sewer .

A family left them food and water every day , but the canines, who were very scared, refused to be approached , reports The Dodo . Eldad Hagar and Vanessa Enriquez proceeded very slowly so as not to frighten them further. The dogs’ coat, which was originally white, had turned gray from the surrounding dirt.

Hagar and Enriquez spoke to them in low voices to reassure them. They managed to put a leash around each other’s neck and then started pulling them very slowly towards them. The male, who was protecting his sister, let himself be fooled more than the female dog, who was even more afraid. But the volunteers comforted her and were finally able to bring her back to themselves.

They took the Poodles to a veterinary clinic , where they received the necessary care.

The dogs were then treated to a good bath and a grooming session, from which they came out totally transformed . They thus found their beautiful white dress . Eldad Hagar called them Cola and Pepsi .

The dogs were obviously feeling much better. They even had a surprise: a visit from the family who fed them when they were still living under the highway.

Cola and Pepsi have been entrusted to the shelter Maltese Rescue California waiting to be adopted.

Here is their rescue in video:

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