Keep the dog’s hair beautiful

Illustration : "Entretenir la beauté des poils de son chien"

dog hair care is an important work, because the health of animals depends on it. It can resist cold, weather and many other discomfort. If the maintenance is more or less boring depending on the breed, hair length and texture, it should be regular regardless of the type of dog.


brush the dog, comb some breeds of dogs, take a bath

Keeping a dog’s fur is an aesthetic and health issue. Hair helps protect animals from external attacks such as cold and humidity. Therefore, in addition to maintaining their beauty, it is also necessary to ensure that they are always in a state of giving full play to their functions.

dust, vegetation debris, dead hair and other impurities should be removed through regular care, from simple brushing to thorough combing. Remember, the dog’s diet also contributes to the quality and beauty of

hair. Brush dog

all dogs brush their hair at least once a week, regardless of their breed and the particularity of their hair. This is the main maintenance measure. It can remove dead dog hair, all kinds of debris (plants, dust, dirt) and stimulate the blood circulation of the skin.


are also the best time to get along with animals. Generally speaking, dogs like to brush their teeth, as long as you do it well and it’s smooth. However, they must learn to be quiet during nursing. That’s why it’s important to get used to it from a very young age.


tooth brushing become more and more common during the molting period, which occurs once or twice a year according to different varieties. In some dogs, this must be done every day. For long haired dogs, check and untie possible knots before brushing. Otherwise, they may become more powerful and cannot be destroyed. Cutting them is not recommended because they may contact the skin and hurt dogs.

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tool, we use easy to split combs, metal bar brushes and horse hair brushes to complete the brush and make the hair glow. Finally, it is worth noting that brushing your teeth is an opportunity to check your dog’s hair and skin to make sure they are free of external parasites.

grooming of some breeds

grooming is a necessary exercise for some breeds of dogs, Even if the subject does not intend to participate in the exhibition or competition. Combing clothes can not only maintain the beauty of clothes, but also remove some sensitive parts of the body, such as ears, so as to prevent skin infection and diseases.


care range from hairdressing to depilation, depilation and pruning. They depend on the particularity of peeling and must be carried out by a professional beautician, because they may have harmful effects if handled improperly. However, it is not uncommon for dog owners to comb their hair themselves. Unless they really benefit from experience and equipment, it is strongly recommended not to do so.

bathes his dog

. Just like combing, bathing is not necessary for all dogs. The most simple variety, accustomed to outdoor life, can not need it, just brush your teeth regularlyUF when they are dirty.

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for others, especially those living in urban areas and exposed to urban pollution, it is recommended to wash with a specific shampoo several times a year. Care must be taken to ensure that the dog has been rinsed and thoroughly dried with a towel and hair dryer. The dryer should be kept within an appropriate distance to prevent dog skin burns.

should not bathe too frequently to avoid the formation of sebum layer of protective film.

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