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How can Illustration : "La sécurité du chien à l’intérieur" and

make dogs safer at home? What if an accident happens? This is a question that any caring owner or future owner will ask. Hide toxic products hide food prohibit toxic plants install safety barriers pay attention to wires provide accident emergency kit

are you going to keep a dog at home? Whether you are a dog, an adult or an elderly person, you must ensure that all safety conditions are the best. This will minimize the risk of accidents and enable your animals to grow and thrive in a good environment. Therefore, in addition to the preventive measures that can prevent various more or less serious hazards, you also need to make some adjustments to your dog to make it safer for your dog. Our home is full of substances that may be harmful to our dog. Detergents are considered the most important because they are sometimes easy to reach, so there is a great risk of poisoning. This may occur through ingestion, inhalation or direct skin contact.

to avoid this problem, please consider placing your cleaning products and other potentially hazardous substances out of the reach of your dog. Make sure their doors are closed. For example, you can install a latch in the closet. By holding the handle, you can prevent any attempt to open.

hides the food

, just like storing toxic substances. It should store not only your food, but also your dog’s food (he only needs to eat his ration every day) In a closed wardrobe. Here, you can also use the door stopper.


use the high storage space as much as possible, but don’t underestimate the intelligence and agility of the dog. It can use a variety of elements (furniture, work plans, etc.) as a springboard to reach places that seem inaccessible.

this will avoid damaging your food and exposing your animals to health risks, such as obesity and poisoning. Some foods we eat well are dangerous, or are mistaken for dangerous by dogs, such as chocolate, grapes, milk or avocado. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about the prohibition of toxic plant

. You must have some beautiful flower pots and flower pots in your living room or other rooms. Make sure they are not harmful to your animals. Some plants are toxic to dogs. After contact with them or swallowing (our dogs have this unpleasant tendency and want to try anything), they may show different symptoms: vomiting, trembling, etc.

plants considered to be the enemy of dogs include laurel, banyan, mistletoe, Yushu, pineapple, Liliaceae or difenpasia.

install safety fences

these are internal fences commonly used to protect children. If your dog is too small, too old or sick, you can use these fences to prevent it from passing through the stairs, so it is possible

you can also use it to prevent your dog from entering some rooms, such as the nursery or kitchen.

pay attention to the power cord.

dogs, especially the smallest dogs, cannot resist the temptation to chew anything under their paws. Wires and cables will not leak, which will bring the risk of electric shock to animals and inconvenience related to equipment damage. On the other hand, the dog may drop the equipment by pulling the wire.


also read: plants harmful to the dog


. At least for these reasons, please pay attention to hiding the cable, otherwise insert it into the sheath.

provides the accident emergency kit

In order to respond to any emergency and provide emergency care in case of problems, please prepare a first aid kit containing all necessary medical equipment.

you can find a detailed list by clicking this link.

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