About thirty animals saved by the SPA in the Yvelines

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Dogs, but also cats and other animals were withdrawn by the SPA to a couple two and a half months ago. Today, adoptive families have been found for most of them. The former owners will have to appear before the court of Versailles.

34 animals were saved by the SPA while they lived in poor conditions with a couple from Yvelines, reports Le Parisien . The association’s intervention took place last August , but it was only recently that these facts were exposed.

The team from the Society for the Protection of Animals was accompanied by the gendarmes when it came to the home in question. There she discovered 9 dogs belonging to various breeds, 17 cats , 3 rodents , 2 birds , 2 ferrets and an iguana . Due to lack of resources and space, the couple was visibly overwhelmed by the situation , recognizes the SPA, which despite everything has brought civil action in this case.

As a result, the health of these animals was worrying . One of the dogs had presumably suffered several bites , while the cats were all undernourished . The corpse of a feline was also found at the scene. Conjunctivitis, wounds and other signs of neglect were noted.

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In agreement with the owners, all the animals were taken care of by the SPA. The dogs and cats were placed in the shelters of the association of Plaisir (78) and Chamarande , in the neighboring department of Essonne. Rodents, ferrets and birds were entrusted to the volunteers , while the iguana found itself in a specialized structure .

Today all dogs live with their new families . Most cats too.

The couple will appear next March before the court of Versailles .

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