Like humans, the personality and abilities of dogs would change as they get older!

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According to a study carried out in a Hungarian university, certain personality traits of the dog are not fixed. They change with age, in the same way as in humans.

Led by Borbala Turcsan , a team of researchers at Eötvös Lorand University in Budapest (Hungary) investigated the evolution of personality in dogs . The results of their study were published on October 14 in the journal Scientific Reports , as People reports.

She and her colleagues analyzed the personalities of 217 Border Collie breed dogs, ranging from 6 months to 15 years old. To do this, they used a computerized testing system called Vienna . 4 years later, the canines that were still alive were tested again .

They were subjected to exercises allowing them to be assessed in different areas: exploration , novelty research (their interest and excitement in new situations), frustration , ball play , obedience or still problem solving .

The study’s authors found that attention and problem-solving skills increased until the age of 6 and then stabilized . On the other hand, the search for novelty declined markedly after the age of 3 years .

Tolerance of frustrating situations and the desire for socialization remained stable for 4 years , then declined .

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