A Pitbull dog waits in vain for the arrival of her owners in the park where they abandoned her and discovers love in the arms of the policeman who came to her rescue!

Discovered alone in a park, a dog abandoned by her former owners quickly found a new family, that of the police officer who took charge of her.

Recently, a passer-by noticed an injured dog , sad and sitting alone in a park in Bloomington , city of the State of Indiana (Midwestern United States). It was a female Pitbull / Boxer cross, who had just been abandoned , reports the Dog Dispatch site. The person then contacted the local sheriff’s office to let them know.

Sheriff Jeff Ripley immediately attended the scene. As soon as he met this bitch called Daisy , he fell in love with her . He called his partner, Rosie Ahlberg , who volunteers at the town shelter , but the facility was closed at that time. The couple then took the animal home for the night.

The next morning, Jeff and Rosie had Daisy checked out by a vet . The latter explained to them that his injuries would require surgery . The bitch also appeared to be very emotionally affected after her abandonment.

The sheriff and the volunteer were able to obtain the identity of its owners, who told them they did not want it anymore . The couple, who already had 2 cats and a dog from shelters, finally decided to adopt Daisy .

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The dog still needs medical attention , but she already feels at home with her new, loving family. Her new feline and canine friends greeted her with open legs, too.


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