20 animals that we would love to see in public transport

Pets take the train, metro and plane. They are the best passengers you can imagine, as these photos show.

Traveling with your dog or cat must be done in the rules and according to the law . You must also know how to reassure your pet if public transport is stressing it . However, it is certain that they are the delight of all passengers.

Here are 20 photos of dogs and cats on public transport.

1. Her first trip on a train makes her very shy

2. A Bulldog who waves hello to all the passengers

3. He feels more secure in his small bag

4. This dog makes his first experience in the air

5. This therapy dog accompanies his owner wherever he goes.

6. The best meeting you can dream of while taking a plane

7. This therapy dog is used to traveling

8. This puppy is so adorable that many people decided to come down a few stops later.

9. He tries to start a discussion with the rear passenger

10. This dog is a very disciplined passenger

11. A Great Dane who is also entitled to a place on his own

12. He’s on his way to his new adopted family and it relaxes him.

13. This kitten has his own plane ticket

14. He watches the ground which he will soon see recede and shrink.

15. This dog is protective of his beloved mistress

16. The place is not free, sir

17. A regular in the great outdoors

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18. A kitten is part of the convoy of travelers

19. A pleasant meeting

20. This passenger deserves his seat in first class


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