Småland Hound

Other name: Smålandsstövare

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Medium in size, sturdy build and elegant in appearance, the Småland Hound was specifically bred for small and medium game hunting in southern Sweden. Versatile, he is an excellent working dog as well as a most pleasant companion for his master, to whom he dedicates total loyalty, and his family. He can also be recognized by his beautiful voice and his balanced temperament, mixing calm, affection and vivacity.



Photo: Småland Hound dog breed on Woopets
Hair type Half-long
Origin Sweden
Template Average
Head shape Rectangular
Weight and size
Sex Weight Cut
Female From 15 kg to 18 kg From 42 cm to 50 cm
Male From 15 kg to 18 kg From 46 cm to 54 cm
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History of the breed

The historical origins of the Småland Hound lie in the region of the same name, the province of Småland in southern Sweden in this case. This breed is the result of crosses between local farm dogs and dogs currents brought from England, Germany, Poland and the Baltic countries, by soldiers from the region revenue of the great battles of the 17th century Polish-Swedish wars , Northern Wars, Skåne War… The Småland Hound was traditionally bred to hunt hares and foxes . It was not used for big game hunting, nor trained to evolve in a pack. Today, the Småland Hound is valued above all as a family and companion animal, showcasing its affectionate character and loyalty. Its physical characteristics began to be set at the beginning of the 20th century to achieve the establishment of its standards. This concerned in particular the length of its tail, certain subjects presenting a brachyouria (short tail from birth).

Physical features

His hair : rough in texture, medium length. Double, the outer coat being associated with a short, dense and soft undercoat.
Its color : either black or brown with fawn markings above the eyes, on the lateral sides of the muzzle, the throat, the chest, the abdomen, the legs, the feet and the inner sides of the thighs.
Its head : of medium length. The stop is well marked, the color of the nose close to that of the coat (black or dark brown).
His ears : hanging, rounded at their end and set high.
His eyes : almond-shaped, dark brown in color (lighter in brown-coated dogs), displaying a calm expression.
His body : writable in a square. The neck is strong and of medium length, the withers well defined, the back short, the musculature well developed at the level of the kidney and the slightly sloping croup.
Its tail : attached in the continuity of the line above, carried straight or saber-shaped, long. The subjects with a semi-long or short tail from birth are also admitted.

Behavior and character

Barks / howls

Behavior with others

Cohabitation with children
Sociable with other animals
Love strangers

Endowed with a calm temperament , the Småland Hound is nonetheless an active and lively companion . He also shows unfailing loyalty to his master, to whom he also knows how to show his affection. In addition, the Småland Hound tends to give voice.

The Småland Hound
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Sporty and loving to please his master, the Småland Hound is receptive when rewarded and encouraged . Positive education makes it possible to achieve good results with him. Like any hunting dog, he must integrate the recall as soon as possible.

Living conditions

Suitable for apartment living
Good for new masters
Love it hot
Love the cold

The Småland Hound tolerates the cold quite well thanks to its double and dense coat. He can therefore spend his days outdoors without much problem. However, it must be protected from extreme temperatures. The ideal living environment for this dog would be a house with a large fenced garden .


Ease of gaining weight

The Småland Hound enjoys solid health . There is no known hereditary disease, abnormality or condition to associate with the breed.

Hypoallergenic breed


Litter size

Between 4 and 6 puppies

To protect you from these risks and insure your companion in the event of health problems, Woopets recommends a Småland Hound dog insurance .

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Life expectancy

Minimum: 12 years old

Maximum: 15 years

The life expectancy of a Småland Hound is, on average, between 12 and 15 years.

Calculate the human age of your Småland Hound!

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Maintenance and hygiene

Ease of maintenance
Cost of maintenance
Hair loss
Drool level
Ease of grooming

Although it knows 2 moults per year , the Småland Hound does not require a particularly difficult maintenance .

A weekly brushing is enough to preserve the cleanliness and the beauty of its coat.

In addition to brushing, it is important to regularly inspect and clean the eyes and inside of the ears of the Småland Hound. It is also recommended to check its pads and interdigital spaces which, well provided with hairs, are likely to receive debris, even parasites.

His teeth need to be brushed frequently to remove tartar build-up and the proliferation of bacteria. Finally, if they do not wear out naturally, its claws need to be cut. If you are new to this, it is recommended that you seek advice from a veterinarian or groomer.

Price and budget

Purchase price


The purchase price of a Småland Hound is between NC and NC.

Annual maintenance cost

€ 350
500 €

The annual maintenance cost for a Småland Hound is between € 350 and € 500.

No name is currently proposed. Use our tool to find the name of your Småland Hound!


Like all active dogs, the Småland Hound needs a complete and balanced diet , ensuring high quality protein, vitamins and minerals. High-end kibble is a good choice in this regard.

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Physical activity

Energy level
Potential to play

The Småland Hound needs long and frequent daily outings that allow him to exercise.


Classifications & Standards
(FCI) Fédération Cynologique Internationale
(UKC) United Kennel Club


Master character <span class="btnTooltip qTip2" title="- Calm: the master must be gentle and know how to show patience.
– Active: the owner must be energetic and dynamic to live in harmony with his dog.
– Hyperactive: the owner must be stimulating and very restless to suit the temperament of his dog.”>

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FCI Information



FCI Group

Group 6: Hounds, Blood Test Dogs and Related Breeds

Recognized by FCI

Since 1955


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