After a fall from a cliff of 60 meters, a dog is found alive by the firefighters!

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In Seine-Maritime, firefighters rescued a dog that had fallen several tens of meters from a cliff. The intervention took place yesterday afternoon. The animal was recovered alive, returned to its owner, and taken to the vet for a health assessment.

A dog was found alive by firefighters at the bottom of a Norman cliff , as reported by France Bleu . He had made a dizzying fall and landed on a kind of rock platform halfway up.

The incident took place this Tuesday, February 23 in Petit-Caux , a town in Seine-Maritime located near Saint-Martin-en-Campagne and a handful of kilometers from Dieppe . At around 4:30 p.m. that afternoon, the SDIS76 (Departmental Fire and Rescue Service of Seine-Maritime) had been contacted about a dog that had fallen from a cliff.

A dozen firefighters mobilized to rescue the dog

Quickly, a team of rescuers arrived on the scene. Firefighters specializing in rescue operations in perilous environments were also among the responders.

The fall of the quadruped had not brought him to the foot of the cliff, but to half the height, details France Bleu . He was 60 meters from the summit. This is undoubtedly what saved his life , but also made the intervention of the firefighters more difficult .

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Despite everything, the latter managed to reach the injured dog and retrieve it safely, before handing it over to its master. The canine was then taken to the vet for examinations. For the moment, nothing is known about his state of health .

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