Pilarski affair: his companion gives a long testimony where he reiterates his conviction that Curtis is innocent

Elisa Pilarski / Facebook

For Christophe Ellul, Curtis cannot be responsible for the death of his partner Elisa Pilarski. According to him, the victim was trying to protect the dog during the attack that took his life. He also indicates that he saw a pack of hunting dogs on his arrival at the scene of the tragedy.

Pending the results of the DNA tests carried out on the dogs, which should be published later this month of February, gray areas persist around the death of Elisa Pilarski .

Christophe Ellul nevertheless insisted on affirming Curtis ‘ innocence on several occasions. Her latest post on this subject was published on the Support for Elisa Pilarski Facebook page on Sunday, February 2, 2020.

He also watched videos showing people attacked by dogs to analyze their behavior and thus better understand those that Elisa Pilarski , her dog Curtis and the animals responsible for her death might have had.

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Here is his full message:


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