An association files a complaint against the owner of a hundred dogs, they ate each other!

Illustrative photo – Association One Voice

Is it a kennel, a breeding? Not for the Prefecture, which considers that these dozens of dogs are raised by a private individual. The latter received a surprise visit last March from the One Voice association, which published a shock video this Tuesday, September 3 on social networks. The pictures are terrible. However, the veterinarians and the prefecture assure that the dogs are rather well maintained …

This tweet comes from the anti hunting and animal defense association One Voice. By choice, we decided not to broadcast the accompanying video. Images can be shocking. To hit. But it is precisely for this purpose to raise awareness about the practices of dog breeding, in the Dordogne , that the video has been running since Tuesday, September 3 on social networks.

The association thus displays crowded dogs . Some in rabbit cages . Others eating… their fellows, dead. Due to the sufficient lack of water , food . President of One Voice, Muriel Arnal presents an alarming situation:

A veterinary check ensures the good physical condition of the dogs

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According to France Bleu, the owner refutes any mistreatment and promises to comply with the demands of the veterinary services. </p

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