What kinds of dogs can practice canines

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canines are sports disciplines that need a certain tendency. In humans and dogs. The latter should have endurance and exercise, and shall not cause disability and deformity. Not all dog breeds are suitable for this sport, but all dogs can do it at their own pace.


susceptible dogs and other dogs, right? Practice shepherd or hound with small dogs to find the right balance. If you don’t want to walk fast, be sure to consult the importance of kdsp before starting training. Some dogs are more energetic than others. You may prefer a warm corner on the carpet next to the sofa to adventure on the nearby path. But it’s not just your dog’s living habits, its shape, its variety, which may be an indication (or contraindication) for practicing dogs.

although humans can practice running (which is a problem of motivation), dogs are not. Some varieties tend to go out physically, which first requires good living hygiene.

and a dog

leisure practice here, this is not just a simple walk to let your hands. Canine is a real sports subject with its rules and limitations. You need a dog that can only listen, exercise and endurance. A dog capable of repeating efforts over a period of time. However, all dogs can be canines like puppies. However, if you prefer a more rural breed, such as a shepherd (Australia, Germany, Pyrenees), you can choose a breed such as Chihuahua or teak for short trips.

shepherd or hunting dog

. The advantage of the latter is easy to educate. During the test, they will obey the command and will not deviate. You can choose hunting dogs, such as robbers. Don’t hesitate to choose dogs like Labrador and golden retriever. They are not stingy physically.

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balance, greyster is a referendum. Although it is very fast and agile, it is physically fragile and difficult to keep up. It only applies to runners who already have a good level. In contrast, malamut, Alaska, is a good compromise, albeit at a slower pace. He will be stronger and mentally stronger. Another interesting dog: the famous husky, whose endurance can no longer be proved.

if you don’t want to run fast,

dog fork is not a sport that only dogs run. Therefore, you may not like running. You want to do this sport, but the dose is very small. Most importantly, the speed is relatively low. In this case, we recommend using a more powerful but slower dog than mentioned above. A Doberman, a marlin shepherd and a beautiful hound will do well, even if you see them on the podium. Kdspe always consults before starting

. Before starting this intense sport, be sure to consult a veterinarian (or even a sports doctor). It will best ensure that your pet has no health problems. It is suitable for competition even if you don’t want to participate in the competition.Never wear sneakers. The same is true of canines. Don’t immediately think of an exit of 6 to 10 kilometers. Before you take a picture of the comet, start slowly and circle your neighbor or two. Your dog should get into the habit of spending money like this. Like you, he must relax and develop his muscles first. The wound came soon.


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like strong, elastic and endurance dogs. Hounds, shepherds, hounds and Northern dogs can best meet your expectations. Most importantly, these dogs need to spend money every day. Remember, the shelter is full of waiting partners: run with you!

note that having a strong dog means you have the necessary level to follow it. Although some dogs are more suitable for canines, it’s best to do it with your heart. Canines are still a time to share and relax with your dog. “Kdspe

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