17 photos of a rare and beautiful long-haired Dalmatian

2 Dalmatians with long hair and unique beauty win the heart of the web. These photos illustrate their crisp nature.

Andrew Lewis is the proud owner of Oakley and Nellie , 2 Dalmatians who have a unique trait for the breed. Indeed, the 2 dogs have long hair. Internet users believed they had a Golden Retriever and a Dalmatian for parents, which would explain their appearance. Lewis played the game and made a video to show the parents. Before revealing that this is not a cross.

Here are 17 photos of adorable long-haired Dalmatian dogs.

1. Nellie and Oakley enjoying the sun and nature

2. When they were still young, they liked to roll up in blankets

3. These long-haired Dalmatians are decidedly irresistible

4. Even after growing up, they still look like big babies.

5. A souvenir photo of one of the Dalmatians when he was a puppy

6. Very quickly, the smaller one will have caught up with the larger one and will have the same build as him.

7. Nothing more astonishing that they become the muses of the photographers

8. Their owners are completely gagas of their touching face

9. A dog in great shape and with an imposing build

10. Naps are done with the family, on the parents’ bed, of course.

11. The Christmas holidays are always times full of laughter and good humor.

12. Living on the coast guarantees very pleasant sea trips.

13. The green grass and the flowers are just as pleasant to walk on as the fine sand on the beaches.

14. This little corner of paradise by the river was very inspiring for the photographer

15. When you have a biker owner, you also become one

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16. Lawn mowing provides the perfect opportunity to roll around in the fresh grass.

17. Thanks to their family, these dogs will have learned a lot of things in life.


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