Golden Retriever urgently operated on after swallowing AirPods! Its owner warns of the dangers of Apple headphones for dogs

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Some dogs unfortunately have a tendency to chew on any object they find in their path. In Willerby, a town in England, a young woman panicked when Jimmy, her Golden Retriever, swallowed AirPods. The animal had to be operated on as quickly as possible.

When Rachel Hick saw her 4-legged companion gobble up his casing and accidentally dropped headphones on the floor, her heart sank. The drama took place on Sunday April 4, reports the Metro . The 22-year-old was celebrating Easter with the canine, completely overjoyed. “ As he jumped, he took my AirPods out of my pocket and they fell to the ground ,” said the owner, “ before I even realized they had fallen to the ground, he ate them. The Englishwoman, very worried, immediately reacted.

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The Golden Retriever put his life in danger swallowing the headphones

Jimmy was taken to the pet emergency department, where he had an x-ray. The vet was able to observe the accessory still intact, stuck in his digestive system. The risk of clogging and leaking acid from the battery was high. The Golden Retriever’s life being in danger, the trainer performed a complex surgical operation in the evening. After this mishap, Jimmy was able to find the comfort of his home, where he rests. Today he is safe and sound.

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Jimmy’s accident recounted to warn other dog owners

The vets praised Rachel Hick for her responsiveness. The young woman hopes this edifying tale will alert other owners to the dangers of earphones for dogs. As for the device, it still works against all expectations, despite its journey to the confines of the belly of the animal!

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