Preventive measures for dog bite

Illustration : "Les précautions à prendre en cas de morsure de chien"

nine tenths of pet bites are caused by dogs. These bites may be more or less severe and require different levels of care. What if this happens?


dog bite: what are the risks for people bitten? The responsibility of the injured owner

the danger after dog bite comes not only from the wound itself, but also from the bacteria and microorganisms in the wound. When such an accident occurs, you must respond quickly in all aspects: on the one hand, the owner and his dog, on the other hand, the bitten person.

dog bite: what is the danger of the bitten person?

when a person is bitten by a dog, he will first suffer from more or less deep wounds. Usually, the biggest wounds are caused by larger dogs because of the size and strength of their jaws. However, dog bites are not safe. The severity of


bites depends on its depth, affected tissue and risk of infection. If you are bitten by a dog, you must also consider the risk of bacteria. When bitten, animals are likely to deposit various bacteria, bacilli and microorganisms on the wound: Clostridium perfringens, Clostridium tetanus (responsible for tetanus), Pasteurella canis, etc.


dog bites are usually the most worrying ones that reach the face,

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many accidents happen to young children. They are clumsy and know little about canine behavior. Due to their unpleasant behavior, they will be bitten – Reflection: pull their tail, take things, disturb it when eating, and push it into the corner, Therefore, it is necessary to educate children to respect animals and take an appropriate attitude towards them as soon as possible. People bitten by

injured by

should be sent to hospital immediately. First, wipe the wound with soap and water. The wound must be free of foreign bodies.


are then disinfected with preservatives, but they are sutured immediately only when the face is bitten. Otherwise, the wound should remain open for 3 days before suture. During this time, it is protected by the daily replacement of fat dressing.

if it is unable to determine whether the dog’s rabies vaccine is up-to-date, anti tetanus and rabies treatment may be required.


also wrote: why is my dog very aggressive to this factor? “The responsibility of the”

“owner” and

owner is responsible for the bite. Therefore, he is legally obliged to pay for veterinary supervision of animals, which is stipulated by law. If he does not do so, he can complain to the city hall or even the gendarmerie.

in addition, animal breeders must submit their dog vaccination records, which must pass three inspections within 15 days. One of the purposes of gait is to detect possible cases of rabies

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