Teach his dog to “live on its own”

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your dog will always be happy to learn new commands or skills. Each built-in new feature will consolidate its function with your link. Although it may seem useless at first glance, this is not the case. Rotation is part of it.


introduces his dog to the “rotation” command: what’s his interest? How to teach his dog to spin?

after “stretching out the paw”, the “rotation” is definitely the simplest trick to teach the dog. I’ll give you a very simple method here. It only takes a few steps to teach your dog to rotate.

introduces the sequence of “rotation” to his dog: what interests?

Teaching your dog to spin can make you spend it mentally at first, but it can also strengthen your basic education. In fact, a dog who knows how to spin is a dog who can sit down or sleep as required without too many problems. Yes, the more you know about your dog All the basic exercises are confusing and simple for him.

in addition, skill learning is very important to strengthen the relationship between dogs, because through the skill learning course, you provide your dog with an important moment of sharing and collusion.

on the other hand, it is useful to teach your dog to spin when you dry your dog after a wet walk. This can keep you still and keep your dog in a specific position.

then, this exercise is a good method (if done well) Train proprioception. This enables the dog to be aware of all his limbs. This is a skill that can bring many muscle benefits and also relax the dog. How does

teach the dog to rotate?

“To teach your dog this trick, you need to ‘


‘ click (optional)’

‘time, be patient with’

‘ quiet environment to cultivate your dog’s attention’

‘ have enough enthusiasm to communicate with your dog’

‘.” The

course should not be too long (up to 15 minutes), but please always recommend it to your dog. It is best to work a little every day to get quick results and use it to provide daily mental expenditure for your pet.

“The method I propose here is to use bait technology, that is, with candy, you will take your dog to the attitude you want (here is rotation).”

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Step 1: prepare a candy. Put it in your hand, on your dog’s nose, and guide him to complete a complete round. When he completes the whole round, give him candy.

When the dog turns, put your hand on its nose. Don’t put your hand too high to make it jump up, and don’t put it too low to make it go to bed.

Step 2: do the same thing in the other direction and let your dog get used to turning on both sides. You will see that it always tends to one side. Like us, dogs are either right-handed or left-handed.

bonus: to go further, please distinguish between “right turn” and “left turn” In rhythmic ob e or dog dancing, when the dog rotates clockwise, it is called “rotation”

repeat the first two steps several times until your dog no longer has difficulties and rotates very smoothly. Don’t forget to congratulate your dog.

you can even use clickers to improve accuracy and efficiency. Tip: when your dog performs well, you will click and reward it (if the dog is not particularly greedy, you can use candy or other things).

step 3: when your dog rotates smoothly, you can guide it with candy, Only in the first part of the circle, let it finish by itself.

step 4: if you see your dog running well, continue to cheat him, but this time it won’t do any good. If you see your dog lose attention, please do not hesitate to go back to the next step to further strengthen it.

even if you no longer seduce with candy, but just use your hand, this does not mean that you no longer reward your dog: any work is worth paying! When he turns around, give him a candy with your other hand.

step 5: once you reach the previous step, make the exercise more complicated by always cheating, but take your hand away from the dog’s truffle. Simply put, make a curly gesture with your finger.

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of course, keep away from your hand and always reward your dog enthusiastically when the dog cooperates.

step 6: finally, The last step is to give your dog a name so that he can obey you far away. So when it rotates clockwise, say “rotate” and reward. When it rotates in the other direction, say “twist” and reward.

I suggest you keep your gestures in addition to voice control. This enables you to communicate with your dog, even if you can’t / don’t want to talk to it. This applies to all the exercises you teach your dog.

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