Singapore adopts robot dog to protect walkers from coronavirus


Singapore is testing a robot dog to monitor safety distances in one of its parks.

In Singapore , a second wave of coronavirus contamination has been reported. The authorities therefore decided to patrol a robot dog in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in order to impose health security perimeters between walkers. It is an American company which set up Spot , the patrol robot which is being tested since May 8 and until the 22 of the same month.

It was reported by the Numerama site that the dog robot had a video surveillance system making it possible to count the number of walkers in the park and the distances held. However, an operator is required to follow the robot in order to assess Spot’s work and intervene in the event of a problem.

The choice of the dog robot is explained by the fact that it is all-terrain. Spot can therefore perfectly adapt to landscaped green spaces in cities without any obstacle hindering its progress. Manufacturers have also equipped it with sensors that allow it to detect when a walker is standing in front of it and to move away from it.

The robot is already very well known on the web. Indeed, Spot is distinguished by a gait that strongly resembles that of a real dog and can even reproduce the famous dance steps of the king of pop, Michal Jackson.

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