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, dogs cannot be free from carsickness. In fact, our four legged friends sometimes feel uncomfortable and vomit in the car. How to help them better support travel? Executive summary of


possible causes of

carsickness demonstrations plant protection measures

in France, carsickness is a problem affecting one sixth of dogs. Three quarters of the animals are puppies. In most cases, the disease can improve over time and a good response to dogs. Possible causes of

motion sickness

there are several factors that can cause motion sickness in dogs.

from a physiological point of view, this is an inner ear problem, Ensure balance, which may be the reason. This is why the disease often occurs in puppies whose organs and mechanisms have not yet developed. With the growth of age and the maturity of the inner ear, the symptoms of carsickness tend to reduce. However, they may persist in some dogs.

motion sickness may also be caused by past bad experiences: dogs associate driving with unpleasant things (trauma, veterinary visits, etc.).

finally, Stress and anxiety are the causes of this problem in dogs.


. When a dog gets carsick, it may yawn. Yawning is a kind of body language, which usually reflects the discomfort of dog companions.

dogs also begin to gasp, moan or salivate excessively.

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if you are particularly uncomfortable, carsickness can lead to vomiting, diarrhea or urination.

preventive measures

your driving style can affect the condition of passengers, including dogs. If you drive too fast and brake many times, your dog is likely to feel uncomfortable.


shall also ensure good ventilation in passenger compartment. Do not overheat. Of course, don’t smoke in the car. Don’t feed the dog within 2 hours before departure.

if you have to walk a long way, have a regular rest. Use it to get out of the car and let your dog put his paws into a safe place (rest area) before going on the road.

homeopathy and aromatherapy can help your dog feel better in the car. Of course, it’s best to consult your veterinarian in advance. In

homeopathy, you can give him 3 5 horsepower oil particles, 5 horsepower tobacco particles and 5 horsepower Coca Cola particles before going on the road. If this solution doesn’t improve, you can try giving it three 5-hour Nux vomit particles before departure. In terms of essential oils, just drop 2 drops of Roman chamomile and mint on the cotton in front of the ventilation system to promote their diffusion in the passenger compartment. If you are not used to using pure essential oils, there are ready-made essential oil mixtures, just spray them directly on theA quiet trip on a cage or blanket (pet dog)

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