20 cats that show as much love as a dog

Cats can be as affectionate and full of love as dogs. These photos are perfect examples.

Our feline friends have a reputation for capricious creatures, who do not express their love for their families much. However, some cats are very affectionate, on the contrary. They are to such an extent that they are similar to dogs on this point.

Here are 20 photos of cats as cuddly and tender as a dog.

1. To fall asleep also peacefully in the arms of his mistress

2. With such a look, there is no doubt that this cat admires his owner.

3. The friendship between this old lady and this old cat goes back years

4. Communication also happens through the gaze

5. He leaves his bed to come and sleep at his mistress’s bedside

6. He wraps around the neck of his mistress to take a nap

7. A kitten who feels safe with his owner

8. This little boy and his cat are the best friends in the world

9. Every evening, he waits outside the door to see his owner arrive, like a dog.

10. Here is a kitten full of love for its owner

11. With such a firm grip, this cat makes sure that its owner does not let go.

12. A playful Sphynx cat

13. His owner lifts his elbow to allow his cat to see into the distance

14. The newly adopted kitten received the cat’s blessing

15. This kitten enjoys snuggling up to its owner’s chest.

16. The alarm clocks are much more invigorating with a cat who jumps on the bed as soon as the hour strikes

17. His cat looks at him with eyes full of love

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18. It does not leave the knees of its owner

19. Her eyes sparkle

20. He refuses to lie down anywhere other than in his owner’s arms


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