An 8-year-old boy collects € 70,000 to equip the dogs with bulletproof vests!

In the United States, an 8-year-old boy launched a crowdfunding campaign to buy American dog units and bulletproof vests. Protections that he considers essential. The success met exceeded his expectations.

At 8, Brady has two passions in life: dogs and police uniforms . Despite his young age, the boy knows what he wants to do, what he wants to be later: a policeman . He would particularly appreciate working within a dog team , and thus combine the useful with the pleasant. And what he has just done will perhaps open the doors to these services for him.

Recently, Brady noticed, while watching television , that the dogs of the K-9 units (or American dog teams) were not equipped with bulletproof vests. Indeed, they are very expensive (a little over 1000 € per unit). So, to help them and give them what their masters have, the child launched the Brady’s K9 Fund !

79 dogs protected!

In total, more than 70,000 € were collected by the little boy. This money enabled him to buy bulletproof vests for 79 dogs . Yes, he did manage to get a manufacturer discount.The least I can do is help these dogs stay safe as they help us every day,Brady continues.

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