They leave with us! the campaign fighting against animal abandonment during the summer holidays is back

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Mars Petcare France renews for the 34th consecutive year the operation They leave with us! , which fights against the abandonment of pets during the summer holidays and offers solutions to canine and feline owners preparing to go on holiday. A noble cause and a more important issue than ever with which Woopets has decided to associate.”

Dogs and cats are full members of the family. However, every year as the holidays approach, pet owners face the same problems: can we take them to the holiday destination? Are they accepted and if so, under what conditions? If taking them is not possible, which childcare solution to choose? What services are available in the area?”

” 57% of French people will not take their pet on holiday this summer!

Alas, too many masters do not even ask themselves these questions and simply end up abandoning their 4-legged companions! These renunciations related to the departure on summer holidays represent a large part of the 80,000 to 100,000 abandonments recorded each year in France. According to a study conducted by the IFOP for Mars Petcare France*, 57% of French people will not take their pet on holiday this summer.”

Faced with this sad observation, Mars Petcare France has decided to increase its commitment for the 34th edition of the campaign They leave with us! to change the game. The initiative focuses on two aspects: advice to people taking their animals on holiday so that the stay goes smoothly, as well as support for families who plan to go on holiday and who cannot be accompanied by their dogs and cats.”

” The campaign “They leave with us!” fights against this scourge and accompanies the owners

The program directs families to the different possible alternatives so that they choose the one best suited to their needs and their budget. This ranges from daily visiting services to pensions, foster families and home care. Excellent solutions to which, however, only 5% of French respondents as part of the survey for Mars Petcare say they turn.”

As for families who go on holiday with their pets, they go with us! their address of valuable advice for the smooth running of their stay via the website of the campaign, but also a leaflet available free of charge in the town halls and veterinary practices taking part in the operation.”

Moisturize your dog or cat during the journey, preserve your eating habits or provide a first aid kit are some of the good practices listed on these supports.”

In addition, the site dedicated to the campaign presents expert opinions and dedicates a section to the Better Cities for Pets program, intended to help make our cities more pet-friendly. In other words, more welcoming for our pets.”

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If you plan to go on vacation and depending on your ability to take your dog or cat on vacation, do not hesitate to visit the site and consult the leaflet, so that your stay is also pleasant for him.”

*Study conducted for Mars Petcare France by the FIFG on 21 and 22 May 2019, based on a sample of 1,000 people, representative of the French population aged 18 and over.”

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