Dog toys

Illustration : "Les jouets pour chien"

dogs need to play at all stages of life. To do this, they use a variety of objects that they can handle with their chin, truffle or claws. There are all kinds of dog toys on the market. Their shape, texture and behavior determine the attractiveness of animals to these products.

abstract the importance of

games and toys. Choose toys suitable for teeth according to age. Avoiding

games is one of the main needs of dogs, almost the same as eating, Drink and sleep. Because boredom is particularly harmful to animals, play enables animals to maintain physical and mental balance. No matter how old a dog is, he likes to have a good time in part of the day.

when he has no peers to play with him, if you are not present, the dog will systematically turn to what he can drag, shake and chew, So it’s best to give him one or more toys so that he can concentrate, help him fight boredom and avoid other damage. Therefore, the key is to choose the right toys. The importance of

games and toys

games and toys are important to dogs in many ways. Physically, they enable animals to expand themselves, strengthen muscles and bones, improve coordination, and all mechanical and cardiopulmonary functions.

at the spiritual level, they are crucial to animal development. They are very important for the education of puppies, because it is through these exercises and objects that puppies learn to interact with their surroundings, peers and other creatures. Therefore, he got a sense of limitations: his own limitations and limitations to others.

only by biting his mother, brothers and sisters, pushing them and getting the same treatment from them, did he know that he should not go too far, otherwise he would be recalled. Toys are learning tools and carriers. They are not only an alternative game partner for dogs, but also an experimental medium for dogs.


according to the age of dogs. Just like humans, there is a toy for each age group. The development of dog’s shape and psychomotor ability determines the choice of items for him.

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. For example, chewing balls and screaming balls are more suitable for puppies who are used to playing with their mothers, brothers and sisters. Chewing toys and bouncing toys are suitable for old dogs who need to cope with stress while maintaining tooth health.

toys that can be launched (sticks, frisbees, etc.)

a toy suitable for its teeth

the toy selected for its dog must also fit its chin. Dogs like Chihuahua, Yorkshire and Beijingers obviously can’t do many things with a big and hard ball. Just as Rottweiler should not have any small things to deal with, swallowing it will be in danger of suffocation. The toy

to be avoided by

reminds us of toys that may be harmful to dogs, so you must avoid them at all costs. For example, items with small parts may be damaged


also read that canicross


in France and other toys may suffocate the dog by surrounding the dog (long rope or rope) or getting stuck at the bottom of the dog’s throat (small bullet, etc.). Materials used to manufacture items should also be monitored. Some toxic ingredients (paints, solvents, etc.) may be poisoned by chewing.

therefore, it is best to choose natural fiber toys and systematically discard damaged toys.

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