Purina distributes 2 million pet meals to shelters

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To support shelters and pet organizations in this difficult time, petfood brand Purina is donating 2 million meals to them. It also financially supports the solidarity adoption program of the SPA.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the associated containment measures complicate the work of shelters and animal protection organizations on a daily basis. In France, for example, the suspension of adoptions , then their recent resumption under conditions, raises the risk of saturation of reception structures. The situation also makes it difficult to mobilize teams in the field, as well as to supply the shelters with the necessary products.

To help them, in France as in other countries, Purina has decided to distribute hundreds of tons of dog and cat food to them. The pet food brand has, in fact, announced in a press release published on April 16 that it will donate 2 million meals to these establishments in the EMENA region (Europe, Middle East and North Africa). ), including 640,000 in France alone . Deliveries have already started.

The support provided by Purina also concerns its breeders , to whom it will provide food for puppies and kittens aged 8 weeks and over, who remain in confinement in the kennels.

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Finally, the dog and cat food specialist indicated that he supported the Solidarity Adoption program of the SPA , through a financial contribution. The objective is to help the Society for the Protection of Animals to carry out responsible adoptions in accordance with the provisions announced by Christophe Castaner , Minister of the Interior, in this context of confinement. Enough to allow, for example, the purchase of single-use accessories ( leashes , collars , transport boxes , etc.) and the payment of veterinary costs if necessary, while respecting health precautions .

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