Frightened by a storm, this dog infiltrates the homes of those who will become his new family!

On a stormy night, a senior dog miraculously finds access to a house where she takes shelter.

Jack Jokinen and his wife were asleep when a dog entered their house. At 4 am, the husband wakes up thinking he hears his baby, and finds a dog in his living room. It was a Labrador cross.

Jokinen wakes his wife and walks around the house because he was sure someone had introduced the canine. Indeed, thinking he had closed all the exits , he saw no other explanation for the presence of the dog.

As he could not find anyone, he checked the recordings of the CCTV cameras. Everything is then explained.

It was raining heavily that night. Coming home from his walk with his dog George , Jokinen had not closed the door properly . The wind had reopened it and the dog was able to enter . Moments later, a thoughtful passer-by closed the door for the safety of the residents of the house. If the order of events had been reversed, the dog could not have found refuge. A night where generosity , luck and chronology worked in harmony.

The next day, the couple gave up on the idea of returning the 9-year-old dog to the shelter . Aged and suffering from many disorders, including a limp leg, infection, ticks and fleas , the bitch was said to have been euthanized.

Broadcasting the story online, the couple raised $ 15,000 to treat Suzy who found a new home , reports the Dodo .

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The individual who had been careful to close the door of an unknown house in the middle of the night, thinking only of the safety of its inhabitants was also found.


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