A puppy plays its role of guard and scares a bear away after it has entered its garden! (Video)

The balance of power was largely against him, but his strong sense of territory and courage made a dog take big risks when he saw a bear standing in front of his owners’ house. He ended up winning his case.

David Jonsson , his family and their dog Jersey live in Coquitlam , British Columbia. In this western province of Canada, it is not uncommon to come across a black bear ( Ursus americanus ). This species, also known as baribal , is indeed one of the most common in the region.

Last month, one of these ursids showed up in front of David Jonsson’s home . He didn’t seem to have any hostile intentions and was just looking to rest at the foot of a tree, Animal Channel recounts.

Faced with the determination and the barking of the canine, the black bear tried in vain to climb the tree to take refuge. The Jersey owners also tried to scare him away by making noise .

It was too much for the plantigrade, who eventually fled . The dog was determined to make him go away. He tirelessly pursued it . The bear managed to scatter him to hide in the woods.

A scene showing the courage of the dogs, but one cannot help but think that the quadruped could have been seriously injured if the animal in front had had another attitude towards him.

Here is the video posted on Fox 5 Atlanta ‘s Facebook page:

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