A dog missing for 2 years, found in a ditch with a broken paw (video)

Emily Dansey / Facebook

Shortly after finding her dog, from whom she had been separated for 2 years, a woman discovered that she was ill and had a broken paw. The operations she needs being expensive, she appealed for donations to help finance them.

In early 2019, Emily Dansey, who lives in Virginia in the eastern United States, lost her dog Camille . The female Pitbull had disappeared while on the homestead. Her mistress thinks she had been stolen.

Since that day, Emily Dansey and her relatives have never stopped looking for her. Despite their best efforts, the mother had no news from her 4-legged friend.

Everything changed, however, on February 5. She then received a phone call informing her that the SPCA (Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals) of Fluvanna County, still in Virginia, had just posted a photo of a bitch resembling Camille in every way.

Emily Dansey immediately went to the website of the animal welfare association and found the image in question. She immediately recognized her dog. She was absolutely sure of it.

Fundraising to finance Camille’s operations

A few days later, she was able to go to the SPCA refuge in Fluvanna . The reunion with Camille was joyful and full of emotion. The animal still seemed weak to her, and she blamed it on fatigue from the long period of wandering.

In addition, she had spent 2 days in a ditch before being spotted, reports NBC 12 .

Afterwards, she noticed that the Pitbull bitch was still in such bad shape. At the vet, it was discovered that she was severely dehydrated, had a broken leg, and had an enlarged heart (abnormal and pathological increase in the size of the heart).

Camille had to undergo several surgeries, but these operations cost several thousand dollars that her mistress could not afford on her own. This is why Emily Dansey launched an appeal for donations.

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