Kennel owner launches SOS to save dogs after tornado hits

Worried about the dogs at her boarding house after a tornado hit, a woman received assistance from police and storm chasers to get the animals to safety. A fundraiser was launched to help him get back to business.

Sue Kushta lives in Darien , about twenty miles west of Chicago , and runs a dog boarding house in the nearby town of Woodridge . When a violent tornado crossed the region on the evening of Sunday June 20, she rushed out of her home to go to her kennel, called Dogtastic Fun , and inquire about the condition of the 11 canines there. .

Most of the roads were closed due to the damage and she was struggling to make her way to her kennel. Fortunately, Darien Police Sgt. Nick Skweres , who is also one of his regular customers, made it easier for him by having a colleague give him directions to his destination.

The tornado had caused significant damage; 156 houses severely affected and 28 others totally destroyed. The building housing his pension had not been spared. Air conditioning units had been torn from the roof, which was also damaged.

Finally arriving at the kennel, Sue Kushta found that a group of people had been ahead of her. It was Curtis Lergner and his comrades from the Chicago & Midwest Storm Chasers , a collective of tornado hunters. They had heard the police radio communications and the cry for help from the owner Dogtastic Fun . His story had moved them and they were there to lend a hand.

They helped her get the 11 dogs out, which were unharmed, and then get them into the cars of Sue Kushta and her nephew. The animals were all transported to her home and remained there until their respective owners returned from vacation.

A pot for the reopening of the pension

Happy that the dogs did not suffer from the tornado and that they have rejoined their families, Sue Kushta is now worried about her activity. More than his livelihood, Dogtastic Fun is also the realization of a dream and a real passion. She was just starting to go up the slope and regain hope after the restrictions linked to the health crisis, then the elements struck her another hard blow.

However, she can count on the support of her staff, including Cassie Wroblewski , who has opened an online fundraiser to help finance repairs and pay salaries. A solidarity that she had already shown in recent months: “ All my employees supported me during the Covid. They all stayed with me, so I’m grateful to them. They are wonderful people. They all stayed and helped when they could register for unemployment or look for another job, ”she told the Daily Herald .

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