Stuck in the bottom of a well, this puppy starts to cry when he understands what rescuers have in store for him!

A dog who did not think he could one day get out of his trap, is finally saved by charitable souls.

Dogs sometimes have bad falls. They end up in very deep wells or pipes that they cannot get out of without help.

Lost in the forest and stuck in a very deep well, a dog was in despair. So when help arrived, he started to cry with joy .

The rescuers are volunteers from an animal shelter in India. Upon learning of the dog’s situation, many of them went to the scene, because the operation was going to require a lot of reinforcement.

They did not know since when the poor animal was trapped . They could understand from his reaction that it had lasted long enough for his emotion to be so strong; he started to cry when he saw them.

With the help of their climbing equipment and their good will, the rescuers were able to bring one of their own down to the bottom of the well. The dog was sobbing as he saw him approach. The man takes it, carefully brings it up to the surface, until his comrades take over.

Rescued, the dog was covered and petted to feel reassured and safe.

Thanks to the big hearts of rescuers and animal shelters, who need donations to accomplish their works, dogs and lives are saved.

The operation was filmed thanks to the camera of a rescuer.

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