A stolen dog, found 5 days later in the Hérault

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A young woman had her puppy stolen by 2 men who claimed it belonged to them. The individuals were arrested 5 days later and the animal returned to its owner. The ID chip confirmed that she was the sole owner.

Further proof that the identification of dogs by microchip is essential . It is provided by this story delivered by France Bleu .

The facts took place at the end of last week in Lattes , in the Hérault. A woman in her twenties stood in front of the Grand Sud shopping center and held her young dog Pep’s , a 3 month old Belgian Shepherd Malinois , on a leash . It was there that 2 individuals approached her, telling her that the puppy belonged to them . They then snatched it from her hands and left with it.

The victim immediately went to the town police station to lodge a complaint , and the GSP (Proximity Security Group) opened an investigation . The report provided by the young woman, as well as the video surveillance images quickly enabled the police to identify the 2 suspects . They were able to arrest them 5 days later , while they were in possession of Pep’s and were not far from the place where the theft had taken place.

Reading the chip worn by the latter confirmed the identity of its owner , who was able to recover it.

In addition, one of the thieves was the subject of a European arrest warrant for theft , issued by the Czech Republic. The French authorities will soon proceed with his extradition to this country.

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