Corgi mom adopts orphaned puppies and raises them with her own cubs

By discovering very young orphaned puppies left to their own devices, the volunteers of an association said to themselves that they could entrust them to the care of a bitch who had recently given birth. The latter simply adopted them.

Sara is a Welsh Corgi Pembroke dog who was rescued by No Dog Left Behind Minnesota , an association based in Brooklyn Center in the State of Minnesota. She lived in a puppy mill where she was used as a breeder . When she was picked up, Sara was pregnant . She gave birth at the shelter and showed everyone that she was a great mom , as The Dodo recounts.

Recently, No Dog Left Behind Minnesota volunteers learned that a litter of 4 puppies , possibly Pitbulls , had just been discovered in an abandoned building. The tiny dogs were alone; their mother was nowhere to be found . The volunteers took them in and tried to bottle-feed them at first , but without success.

It was then that the director of the association thought of entrusting them to Sara . The idea was to have her take care of the 2 litters – her puppies and the Pitbulls – together, as if there were only one. He was convinced that the bitch would be a perfect adoptive mother .

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Unfortunately, one of the much too weak Pitbull puppies did not survive despite Sara’s kindness and the care of the team at No Dog Left Behind Minnesota . The other 3 are doing very well .


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