16 funny photos of dogs and their replicas

You never know when you’ll run into his double. These photos are of dogs who have found their near-perfect replica.

Each dog has its own destiny but also its double. Some have found their double by watching a movie classic, while others have found it with another animal. Either way, these comparisons are definitely a lot of fun.

Here are 16 photos of dogs who have found their replica.

1. Chewbacca is the perfect lookalike of this dog

2. This dog has found its perfect replica in the character of Mr. Snuffleupagus

3. As for this one, it is the perfect copy of its owner

4. There is a strong resemblance between this dog and actor Eugene Levy.

5. To have Angelina Jolie as a lookalike is quite classy

6. Gluttony is his sweet tooth, so he has a brownie lookalike

7. A Chihuahua who has the class of The Rock

8. With his amazing posture, this poor dog looks like a badly damaged truck.

9. In wanting to play the ostrich, this dog only succeeded in imitating a seal

10. This Golden Retriever has the class of a Harrison Ford

11. With such a thin and elongated face, it is no wonder that its owner drew the parallel with a bicycle saddle.

12. Pikachu and this dog are startled by what they see

13. These 2 French Bulldogs who do yoga have an air of resemblance to cows

14. A perfect reproduction of this famous scene in Alien

15. What could be cuter than having Snoopy for shadow?

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16. The owner of this Pitbull found his dog’s lookalike in a work made of potatoes and a cherry tomato


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