The perilous intervention of the firefighters to try to save a couple and their dog trapped in the waters of a lock

While trying to rescue their dog that had fallen in the Grand Canal d’Alsace, its owners in turn found themselves in danger by losing their footing in the stream. Fortunately, the Haut-Rhin firefighters, including divers, quickly arrived on the scene and were able to save the animal and its owners.

In the Haut-Rhin, 2 people whose dog had fallen into the water and risked drowning decided to intervene themselves to save it , putting themselves in turn in danger , as reported by France 3 Grand Est .

The incident took place last Saturday (December 5) in the Alsatian town of Kembs . That day, around noon, the duo in question was walking their 4-legged companion, when the latter approached a little too close to the Grand Canal d’Alsace.

The quadruped ended up falling into the watercourse , at the level of the lock where it joins the canal du Rhône au Rhin. Its owners then chose to brave the danger that awaited them and dived to rescue it . They had underestimated the risk and were now themselves at the mercy of the current .

Help was immediately called. Shortly after, 2 intervention vehicles dispatched by SDIS 68 (Haut-Rhin departmental fire and rescue service) arrived on the scene, with 6 aquatic rescue specialists on board.

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In just fifteen minutes, the firefighters were able to get the situation under control. They managed to get the 2 people and their dog out of the water. They were then examined . All were out of danger thanks to the quick and efficient action of the divers.


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