Discovery of 42 dogs used in fights and kept in cages among their feces

About forty Pitbulls of various ages were rescued by police and animal control after their discovery on a Florida property. They were used in dog fights and lived in appalling conditions. 3 people were arrested.

At the end of February, the police in Daytona Beach , in the state of Florida, intervened in a property housing an illegal breeding of dogs intended for combat, reported ClickOrlando on Tuesday, March 16.

The police had first discovered a fence installed illegally, before realizing the presence of canines.

Dogs covered with scars and wounds, and which were either tied up with heavy chains or kept in cramped cages with floors covered with excrement and urine.

The animals had very little water at their disposal and were separated from each other. A common measure in the field of dog fights, intended as much to prevent injuries as to exacerbate their aggressiveness.

Chained Pitbulls had only makeshift shelters made of wood or plastic for protection. Those caged had no bed.

The police, who were joined by the local animal control service, also discovered a product used to speed healing and the production of red blood cells. Another common practice in this area.

3 individuals arrested and prosecuted for animal cruelty

A total of 42 dogs were evacuated during this operation: 20 adult females, 4 adult males, as well as 18 puppies aged 8 to 12 weeks. They were transferred to the Halifax Humane Society shelter.

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3 people were arrested: Noble Geathers , 53, owner of the premises, Earl Holmes , 3 years his junior and suspected of illegal practice of veterinary medicine, as well as Benjamin Ponder , 33 years old and accused of drug possession. They will be prosecuted in particular for animal cruelty.


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