Dog waits desperately in garage, the return of his master who died of COVID-19 more than 2 weeks ago

News Chachoengsao 380 degrees / YouTube

Having found himself alone at home because his whole family is hospitalized due to Covid-19, a dog stands guard in the house of his master, who has unfortunately died. The images are overwhelming.

Neighbors of Saeng-Ngern Thanarungwit , 76, have been bringing food and water to her dog every day since they found out the animal was on its own.

The septuagenarian has, in fact, died of Covid-19 and his whole family is in the hospital after being infected in turn by the virus, as reported by the Mirror this Wednesday, May 5.

The images of the dog alone, standing behind the bars of the garage gate and barking in distress are poignant.

Saeng-Ngern Thanarungwit was admitted to hospital on April 20, in Chachoengsao province in Thailand. He died of the disease on April 29.

The neighbors will feed him until his family returns

One of the neighbors, by the name of Arnon Namporn , assured that the dog is kind and friendly. If he seems fearful and on his guard, it is because of his loneliness and his incomprehension in the face of the absence of his deceased owner. “ He looks so sad because he is alone and the other family members have been taken to the hospital, ” says Namporn .

Chachoengsao 380 degree news / YouTube

He adds that, in the neighborhood, it was not initially realized that there was no family member at home to take care of the animal. “ We have been feeding the dog since we found out he was alone, ” he explains.

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Chachoengsao 380 degree news / YouTube

He and the other neighbors have pledged to continue to watch and feed the dog until the return of Saeng-Ngern Thanarungwit’s relatives .

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