20 snapshots of a photographer making friends with all the animals he meets

A photographer takes the most beautiful selfies with his countless 4-legged companions. This series of photos gives an overview.

Allan Dixon is an Irish photographer and adventurer. Her passion for animals gives her the patience to spend as many hours as needed to take selfies with them. His photos exude such a zest for life that they are well worth a look.

Here are 20 photos of Allan Dixon with his animal friends.

1. A dog in total confidence with this young man who just wants a photo with him

2. A photographer splashed by the surfer dog

3. A cat who says goodbye with his paw to his new friend who is back on the road

4. This dog tries to smile for the photo.

5. A superb encounter with this overwhelmingly enthusiastic Golden Retriever

6. Cats have taken possession of the web’s favorite wildlife photographer

7. The Samoyed siblings deserved a photo with the correct pose

8. A Shiba-Inu puppy happy to discover the camera

9. A puppy who lost the use of his hind legs after a car accident, but not his zest for life

10. Dixon didn’t have to make a long plea to convince these puppies to join him for the photo.

11. The medal for the most enthusiastic Siberian Husky goes to this one

12. A kitten who plays tough

13. Dixon managed to brighten the day of this Shiba-Inu

14. This cat does not need help standing

15. He doesn’t seem happy that the photo on the mug isn’t his.

16. The rabbits have declared the photographer as the new inhabitant of their cage

17. The beach invigorates both men and dogs

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18. The setting sun gives them a pretty golden complexion

19. This cat is standing while waving his paw to passers-by.

20. A paw salute before leaving


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