Dog handler dives into lake to rescue senior Schnauzer who is about to drown

As he was about to leave his home to start his day at work, a police dog handler learned that a Schnauzer was in danger of drowning in a nearby lake. He did not hesitate to jump into the water to help her.

A member of the Police Dog Unit in Charlestown , Indiana, rescued a senior dog from drowning, News and Tribune reported on Tuesday, August 10.

The rescue took place early in the morning the day before. Law enforcement dog handler Sergeant Adam Clark was still at home and getting ready to start his work day. He had put on his uniform, service weapon and bulletproof vest when his phone rang. It was the police station that asked him if he could intervene in the lake near his home, to rescue a dog in distress.

Witnesses alerted the authorities. No one knew how long the animal had been in the water, or how it got there. The policeman did not ask himself any questions; he quickly went to the scene, discovering people gathered on the bank and worried about the dog.

The police dog handler removed his vest and weapon, then dove in the direction of the canine. He then brought him back to dry land, where a neighbor wrapped the dog in a towel. Sergeant Clark’s intervention literally saved his life, as the 12-year-old Miniature Schnauzer found it increasingly difficult to keep his head above water.

Sergeant Clark and Sammy (City of Charlestown / News and Tribune)

Officers from the local animal control service also arrived and took charge of the quadruped. The dog, who goes by Sammy’s name, spent the rest of the day at town hall, while they were busy finding their owners. It was then Treva Hodge s, mayor of Charlestown , who drove him to his owner.

Al Nolan is extremely grateful to Adam Clark who, for his part, said he acted naturally, both because of his job and his love for dogs. “ It’s my job, but it’s also good for the community to see this kind of positive story. It’s good to see the smiles, especially from the dog owner. It was really rewarding, ”said the police dog handler.

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Sergeant Clark and his police dog Hurley (Charlestown Police)

This was confirmed by his commanding officer, Major Brion Gilbert : “ Adam loves dogs, he’s been one of our K9 officers for years. So it’s no surprise to me that he did what he did. He puts himself in danger to save an animal. It was a very good deed and we are glad he did. I think he went beyond what our normal duties are ”.


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