A dog falls into a canal and grabs onto the pillar of a railroad track to survive. Firefighters are still looking for its owners!

Warned by a passer-by, the firefighters intervened in a canal where a dog had just fallen. The animal then managed to hang on to a pillar, but it was injured, soaked and needed to be rescued quickly.

Firefighters in Lebanon , Oregon (Northwestern United States), rescued a dog that nearly drowned in a canal and suffered from a leg injury, as reported KOIN this Monday June 14.

The incident took place the night before, in this city located about a hundred kilometers south of Portland . At around 8:15 p.m. local time, a person passing near where the Santiam Canal and the railway line overlapped noticed the canine in distress.

The latter had fallen into the stream and was clinging desperately to one of the pillars supporting the railroad passing above. The passer-by immediately informed the emergency services.


Local firefighters quickly arrived at the scene, as did a police patrol. The firefighters deployed their rescue equipment and 2 of them, Michael Maynard and Corey Knipstein , descended into the canal. They crossed it to join the animal in distress, obviously sore in one of its front legs.


After saving him, firefighters and police search for his masters

They then tied him up to prevent any attempt to escape once back on dry land; he risked either ending up on the road and endangered by vehicles, or aggravating his injury by running. The quadruped was cold and wet, but friendly.

The firefighters had no trouble retrieving it and bringing it back to the shore, before handing it over to the police. They passed him through the ID chip reader, but he did not wear one. They then took him to River’s Edge Pet Medical Center veterinary clinic for examination and treatment.

The police are trying to find its owners. It is a mixed breed dog with a black and white coat, weighing 18 to 20 kilograms.

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