Veterinarians diagnose cancer in his dog. He decides to give her the best last days of his life!

For Bella, the dog of a former military man, there were only a few months left to live. His master did everything to ensure that his life was nothing but happiness until the end.

A former Marine, Robert Kugler had found it extremely difficult to get used to civilian life again , like many other soldiers who had returned from theaters of conflict. On his return home, in Nebraska (Central United States), he was however able to count on the invaluable support of his dog Bella , a magnificent chocolate Labrador-Retriever.

Unfortunately, the latter fell seriously ill , as reported by Ipnoze . Finding that she was limping , Robert Kugler took her to the vet , who discovered that she had bone cancer , or osteosarcoma. One of her front legs had to be amputated , but cancer had already affected her lungs . Bella only had 6 months to live , according to the specialist’s estimate.

Robert Kugler then decided to make his end of life as exciting as possible. Once Bella delivery of the operation, he took him to trip journey across the United States. The duo traveled to Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Chicago .

They visited beautiful natural sites together and enjoyed the wonderful landscapes .

The bitch denied the veterinarian’s prognosis, since she chained the adventures with her dad for 14 months .

Unfortunately, as all beautiful things come to an end, the time had come for Robert Kugler to say goodbye to his beloved Bella. On October 29, 2016, he announced the death of his dog on his Instagram account, posting a photo showing his hand resting on the animal’s body.

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He paid him a nice tribute . “ The world has slowed down, so has my mind and my heart. I told Bella I was sending her all my love… and asked her to send me all of hers. I kissed her on the forehead one last time… ”, we can indeed read in the text accompanying the poignant image.


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