While he had to be euthanized, this dog knows how to celebrate his adoption!

Aimee the Pitbull dog has found a new family, not long after finding herself in a shelter where dogs that no one wants end up being euthanized. The association that facilitated his adoption filmed his happy exit from the establishment.

Her name is Aimee and is so aptly named; this bitch is, in fact, described by all who knew her as being particularly adorable and friendly , especially with humans. However, that did not prevent her from landing, in 2015, at the Carson Animal Care Center , a shelter that practices euthanasia on residents it fails to place, as the Animal Channel recounts.

She was not at all at her ease in this new environment. The female Pitbull suffered, in addition, from a skin disease , which obviously did not contribute to making her daily life more pleasant in her box. His case, however, appealed to the team of Saving Carson Shelter Dog , an association which is working precisely to find adopters for the dogs of this shelter located in Gardena , California.

A video and photos of Aimee were posted on the organization’s Facebook page. Showing how sweet and happy the dog was to receive visitors , these publications have won over many internet users . And very quickly, a family expressed their firm intention to adopt him . The meeting took place and the adoption was formalized just days after Aimee arrived at the shelter.

Another video showing the dog leaving the reception facility with her new parents , posted on the same page, quickly went viral .

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A year later, her owner Kim Sullivan shared a new photo of Aimee , where she is clearly seen happy and healed from her skin disease . A wonderful outcome, made possible thanks to the wonderful work of Saving Carson Shelter Dog .


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