How do you get rid of the dog lice?

Illustration : "Comment repousser les tiques du chien ?"

prevention is better than treatment. And ticks. In fact, it is best to prevent parasites from entering the dog’s skin, rather than take action after these Haemophilus mites are established. Because they soon began to reproduce, the infection developed in an equally dramatic way. Itching, inflammation, anemia and diseases can attract the attention of dogs.


The dog anti tick essential oil mixture is sprayed on the dog to keep ticks away. Another anti tick formula aromatherapy solution for dog skin is sprayed around the dog to prevent tick

What is the method to prevent dog ticks? Here are some recipes based on natural ingredients.

essential oil is used to repel ticks in dogs.

essential oil is supreme in anti tick agents. Of course not all;

includes essential oils from lemon eucalyptus, geranium, Java citronella or true lavender.

These aromatherapy solutions are not suitable for dogs, but diluted because they are particularly concentrated.

is a spray mixture that can keep ticks away from

, even better than an essential oil, Mixed aromatherapy can be used to effectively prevent dog tick infection. The solutions below


should be sprayed directly on animals (be careful to avoid eyes and mucous membranes) A small amount, once a week, to prevent external parasites from approaching:

20 drops of Geranium essential oil, 5 drops of real lavender essential oil, 250ml water (preferably spring water)

mixture should be poured into the spray bottle and labeled. Please note that Geranium essential oil can also help repel mosquitoes.

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. The second formula is also directly used for dog hair and skin to form an anti tick barrier.

the following are the components and doses:

20ml white vinegar or cider 10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil 150ml water

the same as the former, this mixture is applied by spray before field outing, where ticks are usually distributed on high grass and are easy to jump on animals.

The aromatherapy solution sprayed around the dog to expel

ticks. In addition to the dog itself, its environment also needs to treat ticks. The following essential oil mixture can be used to spray on dog carpets, carpets and baskets to prevent pests.

composition and dosage:

can also be used in: dog’s natural antibacterial drug

100 drops of tea tree essential oil 100 drops of true lavender essential oil 50 drops of clove essential oil 50 drops of lemon essential oil 25 ml of modified drug alcohol

Tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil have strong insecticidal and repellent effects. Clove essential oil worksE. Through eugenol, a molecule of the allyl phenol family. Lemongrass essential oil can control ticks through lemon.

all these can be mixed in spray bottles for easy and effective application.

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