For 11 years, this man has dedicated himself to a cause: search for lost dogs for free!

In the United States , a man specialized in finding lost dogs. With a particularity: that of not claiming any sum of money. He acts on his free time, on a voluntary basis, with a simple motivation: his passion for animals. Better still, the results speak for themselves.

Ryan Bulson is something of a modern day hero . A man who claims nothing in return for his services . Because he acts spontaneously, voluntarily , out of simple love for dogs and the relationship that can unite them to their master.

Eleven years ago, Ryan volunteered in a German Shepherd Rescue Group. One of the puppies was missing . He did everything to find him, with success. His path was then all mapped out. What he wanted was to go in search of missing canines, to find them and return them to their owners. A noble, honorable approach.

He always finds their traces!

Over time, Ryan took on the nickname “ bounty hunter ”. He learned through contact with dog trainers , in particular to know the behavior of each breed , anticipate reactions , and interpret the body language of the canines sought.

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This allowed him, in particular, to find in ten days a Pug lost by Beth and Orlando . And even the toughest jobs don’t turn him off. Recently, Ryan took six months to locate a flown German Shepherd. This did not prevent her owner from being happy with the outcome. “ She fell to the ground, in tears, ” says a Ryan who, for many doggie lovers, is a real hero!


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