The magazine “Tout Chien! »Devotes a special issue to dogs in French television series

In addition to being great everyday companions, some dogs show off their incredible acting skills. The Tout Chien review! which, as its name suggests, is entirely devoted to this animal, has released a special “TV Series” issue. This is a real spotlight on the four-legged stars omnipresent in French television series.

What if this year, you slip the latest special issue of Tout Chien magazine into your suitcase! for your summer reading? So, well wedged in your deckchair with your toes in a fan, you can go behind the scenes of the television.

Host family , Barbara’s Law , Captain Marleau , HPI , all these French television series have one thing in common: they feature a dog, in some of their episodes. Of course, we all remember the magnificent Pyrenean Mountain Dog who portrayed Belle in the 1960s television drama Belle et Sébastien . Today, it is not uncommon to contemplate our furry friends behind the screen. .

Over time, they have gone from simple extras to leading actors. Having been primarily faithful life companions, dogs have become characters in their own right in a plethora of cinematic works.

Thanks to their intelligence and countless skills, they shine on the set alongside the film crews. Faced with this omnipresence, the editorial staff of Tout Chien! decided to focus his camera on these remarkable animals.

All Dog! n ° 33 August-September 2021 – On newsstands and on subscription – 84 pages – € 6.90

Dogs both actors and life companions

On the program of this special “TV Series” issue, Valérie Récher , film trainer, unveils the strings to train these prodigies while respecting animal welfare. Readers will then be able to zap the portrait of Marion Game , alias Huguette in the Scenes of Households series (M6), who sometimes appears with her own dog. The editorial staff also zooms in on various breeds featured in French television series, such as the Irish Wolfhound and the Mastiff.

Finally, in addition to the sections common to each issue (veterinary advice, education, behavior, etc.), the special file on the first pages is not to be missed! He examines the rise of dogs in this fascinating field, but also, more generally, in our lives. </p

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