What is dog herb?

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are animals that fight parasites, relieve joint pain and relax anxiety… Dog herbs have many uses, almost as many as humans. But first, what is dog herb? How to use plants to improve the health and well-being of our four legged friends?

executive summary

plants promote the health of dogs. Dog herbal medicine: what diseases can it alleviate in dogs in different use modes and forms? Note: the

plant kingdom is full of miracles that can be used to heal itself. Its treasure is also used to serve our pets. Let’s take a look at what herbs can bring to dogs.

plants serve the health of dogs.

plants have been used for treatment for some time. For thousands of years, human beings have realized the medicinal value of plant elements. Herbal medicine has been greatly developed, and animals have benefited from it, starting with dogs.

naturally, plant care is mainly to prevent or supplement traditional therapies.

Bach Flower, essential oil, The spread of herbal pouches and plant extracts in the air is only one of the countless applications of herbs to the health and well-being of dogs. There are many forms of dog herbs. From herbal tea / infusion to capsules containing powder, to aromatherapy (essential oils), impregnants and parent dyes. These preparations use either whole plants or some parts: Flowers (corolla), leaves, roots, fruits, seeds…

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herbal medicine can alleviate various diseases of dogs, whether preventive or therapeutic. It is a valuable ally for the health of pregnant bitches, elderly dogs, stressed animals or animals with chronic diseases (otitis media, allergies, etc.).

herbal drugs can also help dogs receive intensive care, such as chemotherapy. Herbs are used to strengthen the immune system or reduce pain.

control parasites, whether external (fleas, ticks, etc.) or internal (intestinal worms), and are also part of the dog herbal solution.

The same applies to digestive system diseases and skin problems, which can be treated gently and naturally with plants.


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preventive measures

it is generally believed that herbal medicine therapy is completely harmless. It is not true. Plant active substances can be very powerful, and some of them may be toxic to dogs under certain conditions: high doses, interactions with certain drugs, etc.

it should also be remembered that herbal medicine cannot replace all traditional treatments. These are still necessary for the treatment of serious diseases.

for all these reasons, be sure to consult your veterinarian before considering herbal treatment for dogs

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