19 animals that were not careful with bees

Pets sometimes venture too close to bees. These photos show the state in which they left them.

Dogs and cats are sometimes charmed by seeing bees . They approach it with the intention of playing. However, the response they receive is not the kindest. A visit to the veterinarian is essential after a bee sting .

Here are 19 photos of cats and dogs who regretted having approached the bees.

1. This cat has a red and swollen nose after being stung by a bee

2. Its paw has become giant

3. The poor dog no longer has his head

4. This Boxer lost in the first round against the gang of bees

5. Curiosity is a bad thing, that’s the lesson this dog learned

6. The appearance of this Sphynx cat has only become more majestic, although he will no longer seek to approach the bees.

7. After having eaten a few bees, this dog regrets a little

8. This Husky is not happy with his mishap of the day

9. This poor Persian cat can no longer open his eyes

10. He will have learned his lesson once and for all

11. He shouldn’t have been so curious

12. A bite in the paw from which he will recover

13. Back from the vet

14. When you’re greedy and attacking bees, you pay the price

15. This bitch will no longer eat bees in her life

16. This cat was bothered by the bees

17. Fortunately, her inflammation is healing.

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18. As for this dog, it is still only at the beginning of its treatment.

19. These 2 friends regretted having wanted to attack bees


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