Pregnant, this bitch Cane Corso breaks a record by giving birth to a litter of 19 puppies!


A female dog in Russia gave birth to as many puppies as a mother Great Dane in the United States.

Kira is a Cane Corso bitch . She lives in Russia with her adopted mother Natalia Mokhomedeeva and her husband Albert .

When the bitch got pregnant , her owner and her husband had decided that the litter would not contain more than 6 puppies at most. Typically, Cane Corsos have litters of 4 to 6 puppies.

The day Kira started labor, her mistress Natalia was at the office. When she returned home, the woman never left the dog who gave birth to her first baby in the afternoon, reports Yahoo News . Throughout the night, the little ones arrived one after the other. Natalia and her husband couldn’t believe it.

They report that the dog did not need their help, that she did everything on her own and that she showed a lot of bravery .

Recently in the United States, Cleo , a female Great Dane , had also given birth to 19 puppies, but had to undergo a cesarean section .

The vet examined the whole family and was in awe of herself. Unfortunately, one of the little ones is stillborn .

To feed all these puppies, the couple had to set up a chain system so that all had their ration. Thus, they help the bitch who did not have enough milk for everyone.

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The world record for the number of puppies per litter was 24, in 2004, by Tia , a female Mastiff from Naples .

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