An owner exasperated against a security guard who broke the window of her car in which her dog was locked

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During the Cambrai air show, a security guard had to break the window of a car parked in direct sunlight to get a out. The owner of the vehicle and the canine does not understand this decision and lodges a complaint.”

A dog left alone in a car parked in direct sunlight was released by a security guard, who broke a window. Facts reported by La Voix du Nord this Monday, September 6.”

They had taken place the day before in the parking lot of the aerodrome of Niergnies (59), where the air show of Cambrai was held. After the discovery of a female Labrador Retriever in the vehicle and given the heat that prevailed at the time, the security services of the event had to intervene.”

The Society for the Defense of Animals (SDA) has been informed of the situation. While waiting for the volunteers to arrive, the officer broke one of the windows of the car to open the door and free the animal. The dog was then taken to the premises of the SDA, where her mistress was to pick her up yesterday.”


The owner does not understand and complains

The person concerned says she does not understand the gesture of the security guard. According to her, he showed zeal. She even filed a complaint against him. Widow and mother of a daughter with a disability, she had come to the air show with the latter to honor the memory of her husband passionate about aviation. She says she left water and protein cookies for her dog. In addition, she says she has thought of lowering the rear window.”

A measure that, in general, is not enough to ventilate the passenger compartment of a car, where the temperature often far exceeds that of the ambient and exposes the animal there to potentially fatal heat stroke.”

The mistress specifies that she had arrived at 2pm, but that she had to wait for the results of the Covid test required at the entrance for her daughter. The latter did not fall until 2:41 p.m. She accuses the organizers of not having sent her a call to the microphone, as well as the security guard for having acted in the absence of a gendarme or a policeman.”

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A complaint also filed by the SDA for animal abuse

The presence of a representative of the police is, in fact, among the conditions mentioned in article 20 of the law of 6 January 1999, relating to the opening of a vehicle parked under the sun when the life of an animal is at stake. Nevertheless, article 122-7 of the Penal Code stipulates that a person performing an act necessary for the protection of the person or property […] in the face of a present or imminent danger is not criminally liable.”

For its part, the SDA would consider filing a complaint for animal abuse.”

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